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Native American Teepee
American Indian Teepees

Native American Homes Introduction

Today most Native American Indians live in modern style homes. On this page is a list of the main types of traditional homes Native Americans built with a short description of four of them with information that includes where these types of homes were built, how they were built, and what materials were used in their construction. This information is written for both adults and kids.

The types of houses built by American Indian tribes was dependent upon where they lived and their lifestyles. For example, farming communities built permanent structures meant to last many years whereas nomadic tribes, who changed locations frequently, built homes that could be easily taken down and transported. Some tribes needed dwellings that would protect them from extreme heat or extreme cold whereas as this was not a concern for tribes that lived in more moderate temperatures.

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List of Native American Home Types

Tipi (also spelled Tepee or teepee)

Wattle and Daub Houses