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Pawnee Chief with headdress
Pawnee Chief Wearing Headdress


The use of headdress, like many other aspects of Native American Indian culture, is misunderstood by most people. It is a misconception that most American Indians wore full feathered war bonnets. Due to Hollywood's representation of Native Americans in movies, and before Hollywood old western shows, many people believe this was the most common type of Native American headdress and that it was worn by most Indian tribes. Although full feathered war bonnets were worn by several tribes they were not the most common head gear worn by Native Americans. There have traditionally been numerous types of head gear worn by Native Americans. On this page is a list of interesting facts about the headdresses worn by Native Americans including information about what different types were worn and why they were worn. This information is written for both kids and adults.

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Native American Indian Headdress Basic Facts

Native American Indian War Bonnets Facts

Types of War Bonnets

There were traditionally several different types of war bonnets worn by Native Americans including the ones listed below.

Native American Indian Roach Headdress Facts