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Hopi Katsina figure
Hopi Katsina Doll


The Native American art form of making dolls was a symbolic and culturally significant tradition held by many tribes throughout the US. Since different tribes would often dress them in similar fashion to members of their own tribes, the dolls became an important means of recording Native American life. Two popular doll types were kachina and cornhusk. What materials did Native Americans use in making these dolls? How did they vary from tribe to tribe? The answers to these questions as well as other interesting kid-friendly facts and information about American Indian dolls can be found below. Those who are looking to purchase or collect Native American Indian dolls can find them for sale online as well as in some Native American gift shops. Use caution when purchasing Indian crafts and verify that the place where you are purchasing from sells authentic dolls and not replicas.

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Interesting Facts about American Indian Dolls

Native American Indian Kachina (Katsina) Dolls

Native American Indian Cornhusk Dolls