Native American Indian Facts

American Indian Art Facts

American Indian totem pole
Indian Totem Pole


Native American Indian Art is as diverse as the hundreds of tribes that inhabit America; each tribe having a unique culture and art forms. Evolving from simple cave drawings and carvings traditional American Indian art grew to include intricate art in such forms as jewelry, beadwork, weaving, pottery, basketry, paintings, dolls, carvings, masks, quillwork (embroidery), and totem poles. Throughout their history their art has reflected their culture, lifestyle, and environment. A short description of many of these art forms can be found in the list below; many of which will have links to more detailed information pages. These pages will include interesting facts like who in the tribe produced art, how the art was made, and where you can see examples of this amazing art. Many of the modern day tribes produce and offer for sale, some as a major source of tribal income, beautiful art and jewelry for men, women, and kids.

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Interesting Native American Indian Art Facts

Native American Indian Art Types