Native American Indian Facts

American Indian riding horse
Indian Wearing War Paint
The purpose of this site is to provide interesting facts about Native American Indians. On the pages of this site you will discover information on numerous American Indian tribes including where they lived, their history, culture, how they lived, their jewelry, and who their famous warriors and chiefs were. This information is written for both kids and adults. We will cover tribes from all the main American Indian geographic locations including the Southeast, Southwest, Northeast, Northwest Coast, Great Basin, Great Plains, Plateau, and California. You will find pages about such tribes as the Apache, Zuni, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Shinnecock, and the Hopi. Throughout this site you will find links to sites that have beautiful handmade traditional native American jewelry and gifts for sale.

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Native American Indians - Introduction

It is generally believed that humans migrated to America from Eurasia over 12,000 years ago. This migration was made possible by a land bridge named Beringia that use to connect America to Eurasia across what is now the Bering Strait. It is believed that three distinct waves of migration took place across this land bridge. These prehistoric people eventually populated the Americas and formed hundreds of distinct tribes each having their own unique traditions and languages. Below you will find a list of several facts about the indigenous people of America. The other pages of this site contain even more interesting information.

Interesting Facts About Native American Indians