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A Chinook Indian Chief
Chinook Indian Chief

Introduction - Northwest Indian Tribes

The Northwest Coast American Indians lived in clans and had a native population of about 250,000. Below you'll find out who these men and women were, what they ate, where they lived, and why the northwest coast tribes were known to be the richest tribes. In this section there are many interesting facts on their handmade items such as jewelry and masks as well as their tribal customs and traditions. On this page you will find a list of the many tribes within the northwest coast region. These American Indians lived along the Pacific Coast. The region spanned from southern Alaska to northern California up into coastal British Columbia and Washington State. The area also includes some notable islands such as Queen Charlotte Islands and Vancouver Island. The area is thickly wooded, has a temperate climate, and is known for its heavy rainfall. The forests are dark and damp. Springs and streams from mountain glaciers flow into the rivers that run to the coast.

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Northwest Coast American Indian Tribes List

List of Facts About the American Indians of the Northwest Coast